Typography and User Interfaces

As a non designer that sometimes has to come up with (basic) designs or even design suggestions, typography is one of the fields that I really struggle with. One can know the basic about weight, kernel or serifs, but it’s such a vast field that seems to entail very specific knowledge, it’s easy to feel lost for words and concepts, specially when it feels like fonts have a massive impact on the final result.

On this subject, I recently stumbled on the article Typography for User Interfaces by Viljami Salminen, an excellent read on the importance of typography for UIs, combining some historical information, practical information and a couple of ideas about where we are headed in the future:

Overall, I see the future for UI typography being all about sensors and font formats that can respond to data acquired from these sensors, and eventually also new typographic tools that have contextual awareness which integrates more intelligent algorithms to our workflows.

Original article at viljamis.com.

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