Hi, as you’ve guessed by the overall look of things around here, my name is André Lapa.

If this was an elevator pitch, I would describe myself as a curious, driven and pondered human being. Elevator pitches are not my best.

I was born in 1979. I feel like I’m too old to be called Millennial but I also don’t identify with the pre-digital angst-ridden Generation X. I can easily imagine a world without cellphones (I grew up in one) but if I’m stuck on a waiting room with no phone battery I feel like the world is going to end. I got my first computer (a ZX Spectrum) when I was six, was allowed to play alone on the streets ever since I was seven, and got my first modem (28k) when I was 14. So I’ll forsake being called a digital native for something like a digital explorer.

I have been working in fields related to Marketing, Communications and Digital Transformation for the past 12 years. The past couple of years I was also involved with User Experience, usability and Project Management.

My field of expertise is Communication. I like to think about Communication, at its best, as key to inspiration and action. As in effective communication inspires people to do great stuff. It can motivate them to change their habits, to become better human beings or, let’s be pragmatic, to buy something.

Lately I’ve also become interested in exploring further the relations between content and design, the way we devise and improve user experiences. It may entail presenting information, activating a behavior, crafting a narrative or facilitating a specific process, but it’s also mostly about good communication and empathy.

I am easy-going and love arguing about interesting stuff. It’s a good sign to change your mind on something, it means you are evolving. I also run and edit a parenting blog called à Paisana. If you understand Portuguese and have a sense of humor you should take a look. There’s also an abridged version of my cv, but my linkedin page is probably more up to date.

If you want to get in touch, use the Contact page to figure out the appropriate channel.

See you around!